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Getting Started

Getting started with Elephas

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Features Walkthrough

Overview of all features

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Debugging errors

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Useful utility features

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Release notes

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iPhone/iPad App

Smart AI keyboard

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Getting API keys

License key

How to check license key

Getting started with Elephas - Mac writing app

Setting up Elephas

Usage basics - How to use Elephas?

Keyboard shortcuts you should know

Elephas 4.x with Spotlight integration

Start Elephas on boot

Launch at start

How to use Llama3 with Elephas?

Using Llama3 with Elephas

Basic features intro

Using the rewrite feature

Writing viral content

Using the continue writing feature

Write persuasive content

Using Smart Write to write emails

Using Smart Write to write blogs

Writing a report

Extracting data from text

Writing JIRA stories

Writing essays

Creating an HTML file

Write technical use cases

Turn notes to summary

Bye bye Google Search.

Repurposing existing content

Writing an email

Writing a blog

How to make a blog post from a book

Reply to emails with a click

Adding custom preset

How to use presets

Smart Reply - basics

Smart Reply walkthrough

Overview of personalisation

Let Elephas write in your own writing style(s)

Snippets - Get done anything

Maximizing Productivity on Google Sheets and Excel with Elephas

Using snippets to reply emails

Snippets and email reply

Elephas Super Brain - AI for your own data

Super brain - Introduction

Loading data from other tools for Super Brain

Elephas Super Brain - How it works

Loading Voice memos to Super Brain

Voice memos

Elephas Prompt Library

Elephas Prompt Library Guide

Custom instructions

Set custom instructions for every chat

Elephas Audio

AI for audio files

Super Command

How to use Elephas Super Command

Allow Javascript from Apple Events

Allow Javascript from Apple Events

Utilities Intro

Creating a presentation

How to create a presentation with just a title

Understanding any technical code

Want to understand a piece of code?

Reading a book

Read the summary of a book

Excel and Google Sheet formulas

Terminal commands

9.2x version

9.2 release notes

Using the iOS smart AI keyboard

Download and use Elephas smart AI keyboard from the app store

iOS smart keyboard overview

Elephas smart AI keyboard

Super Brain on iOS overview

How to use Elephas Super Brain on iPhone and iPad

Version 3.1x

Audio feature