Using the iOS smart AI keyboard

Download and use Elephas smart AI keyboard from the app store

If you are a Pro or Pro+ user, you can access the iPhone/iPad app here,

Important: Make sure you are signed in with the same Apple ID as on Mac, and that you have set up your license keys on Mac first. Verify that iCloud Drive is turned on. Then log into both devices with the same iCloud account.


Step 1 - Add Elephas keyboard

Open Settings->General->Keyboard->Keyboards → Add New Keyboard

and choose Elephas.

Make sure to look through carefully, I failed to notice it the first time.

Notion image

Step 2 - Full access

Open Settings->General->Keyboard->Keyboards->Elephas and activate 'Allow Full Access’

Notion image

This is needed to make network requests. We don’t track any of your keystrokes.

Step 4 - Use the AI smart keyboard

Switch to the Elephas keyboard by holding the globe icon.

Notion image


You can read more here.

Known issues

  • The floating keyboard on iPad does not work.
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