Smart Reply walkthrough

Smart Reply Walkthrough

Smart Reply makes it incredibly easy to reply to your emails and social media messages with a click. It identifies the client, whether it's a Gmail app or Twitter post, then adjusts the replies accordingly.


As you can see here, it can automatically plug the response into close to 10 different email and social services. Even in tools that are not supported, such as Zoho Mail, you can still use this feature. When you click "Generate" and the results are back, it is automatically copied to your clipboard. Just do a Cmd + v in a suitable place.

Here is the overall flow,

You select an original message, then click the "Smart reply" from the floating icon or the shortcut Ctrl + Cmd + r or the old-style menu item.

You can select if you want to reply affirmatively or negatively. The next option lets you choose the tone, such as Causal, Friendly, or Professional.

Notion image

You can also use Super brain to reply based on your own knowledge base.

If you select the "Insert by default," the button will change to "Smart Fill," where it can automatically plug your response.

Otherwise, "Generate" will produce the response, and you can paste it wherever you need it. The most important piece here is the hint part. Hint tunes your response to make it personal. For example, giving a simple hint like "another time", will adjust the reply precisely.

This "Smart Fill" is supported across popular tools, including,

  • Gmail
  • Apple Mail
  • Outlook Web
  • Slack
  • Teams
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Discord
You can use Elephas to reply to emails/posts based on your own knowledge base. Check out this article.
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