Snippets - Get done anything

Snippets make it possible to configure Elephas for your day-to-day tasks. You can add your own task and invoke it using the floating menu.


Extract all the city names from the following content.

Translate the following content into Spanish.

Generate 10 multichoice questions from the following text.

What is the bug in the following code?

Summarize the following content for a tweet.

Rewrite the text in a sarcastic manner.

Convert the instructions to a MySQL query.


Snippets are very powerful because you can configure Elephas to your own needs. Combining with tones, you can make it write in your own style.


Snippets on Google Sheets

Snippets can operate on almost all apps, including Google Sheet. See me turn a Google Sheet row into an SMS message.

Notion image

You can see the actual instructions used here,

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