Keyboard shortcuts you should know

With the latest version, you can use the floating command palette by pressing Ctrl + Spacebar.

This will open up the important menu items on the screen; you can use the keyboard navigation keys to select an option or use the mouse.

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You can choose a different hotkeys if you wish; visit the "Preferences" window.

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Do you know you can trigger some of the functionalities without clicking the "Elephas" logo at the top menu?

Select the text and use the following shortcuts as required,

CMD + CNTRL + t = Elephas chat CMD + CNTRL + g = Grammar fix

CMD + CNTRL + p = Professional rewrite

CMD + CNTRL + z = Zinsser rewrite mode

CMD + CNTRL + e = Write email

CMD + CNTRL + m = Reply email

CMD + CNTRL + b = Write blog

CMD + CNTRL + r = Smart reply or Inline reply

CMD + CNTRL + s = Smart write

CMD + CNTRL + c = Continue writing

CMD + CNTRL + v = Viral rewrite mode

CMD + CNTRL + t = Super chat


Ctrl + / opens up the Super command.

If the hotkeys conflict with any of your apps, you can disable this behavior under the same preference window.

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