Getting started with Elephas - Mac writing app

Setting up Elephas

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Elephas is an AI assistant designed specifically for Mac. It can help you write faster across applications. We understand that the initial setup may have a little friction, say, adding the API keys.

Here are the steps you need to follow,

1. Visit your OpenAI page; if you don't have an account, create one. It's free. Check out the article.


2. Create a new key by clicking the "Create new secret key" button. See the image for reference.

3. Visit and subscribe (if not done already). You will now have to access the DMG file and the license key through an email with the subject “🐘 Getting Started with Elephas Writing Assistant”.

You can also download the latest file from our website Elephas installer

4. Install Elephas using the DMG file. Double-click the downloaded DMG file and place it into the Applications folder as shown below.

  1. Launch the app

Then launch the app using the launch pad (Cmd + space),

After the onboarding windows, you should see a status menu like this,

Note: If you don't see the icon, you may already have too many icons there. Try to close some, and then it will appear.


5. Enable Accessibility permission for Elephas.


Check out for more details.


6. Click the Elephas icon (marked in red in point 5) from the status menu bar and fill in the OpenAI and Gumroad keys in your Elephas preference. To access that, click the status bar menu icon (Elephant logo) and click "Preferences." When you click "Save," you should see a green border around the text boxes. Click the "Save" a. few times if the boxes don't turn green immediately.

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Once you fill it, close the window. Now when you click the Elephas icon, you should see,

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You can read more about each feature on our feature overview page.

Read the usage basics to understand the fundamentals.


Not working?

Check out,

Feel free to contact the following emails -


Or join our Discord community. You will find the link to it in the Elephas app > Preferences > Support

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