Super Brain on iOS overview

How to use Elephas Super Brain on iPhone and iPad

Super Brain on iOS

You can access your super brains on the Elephas iPhone and iPad app. (If you’re on the Pro and Pro plus plans )

This feature is exclusively available for website users.

Sync with iCloud

Once you upgrade to the latest version of the Elephas on iOS, you will be able to see an option to sync your super brain files.

Please make sure you have the latest version of the Mac app (v 8.52+) to initiate a sync from your Mac.

You might see the following screen when you first try to load super brain on iOS.

Notion image

Brain List Screen

Once your super brains are synced correctly, they will start to appear in the “chat” tab in your Elephas iOS app.

This is what a list of brains looks like -

Notion image

Pick a Brain

When initiating a new chat conversation, you can choose which brain you want to chat with. Once all your brains are synced, you will see a drop down list like the following -

Notion image

Chatting with a brain

Once you start having a conversation with a brain, the in-chat experience will have the name of the conversation, as well as the brain you’re chatting with.

It will look something like this -

Notion image

Compatibility with iOS Devices

Smart AI Keyboard is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 15 or higher. Additionally, the app supports all versions of the iPad and iPhone.


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