Beta testing the iOS smart AI keyboard

You can access the beta version of the iPhone/iPad app here,



Step 1 - Setup app

Once you installed the Elephas app through Apple’s TestFlight, open the app and let Elephas sync your Gumroad/OpenAI keys from your Mac app. Elephas uses your iCloud service to do this securely.

If you use 4.3 version, this will happen automatically.

Step 2 - Add Elephas keyboard

Open Settings->General->Keyboard->Keyboards → Add New Keyboard

and choose Elephas.

Make sure to look through carefully, I failed to notice it the first time.

Notion image

Step 3 - Full access

Open Settings->General->Keyboard->Keyboards->Elephas and activate 'Allow Full Access’

Notion image

This is needed to make network requests. We don’t track any of your keystrokes.

Step 4 - Use the AI smart keyboard

Switch to the Elephas keyboard by holding the globe icon.

Notion image


You can read more here.

Known issues

  • The floating keyboard on iPad does not work.
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