Maximizing Productivity on Google Sheets and Excel with Elephas

On this page, we will explore how to use Elephas with Google Sheets to get the most out of your productivity.

Some of the examples we will cover are,

  1. Extracting enhanced data from a column
  1. Count occurrences of a specific word combination
  1. Generate a text template from a row
  1. Validate text
  1. Remove invalid duplicates

Here is a video,

I used Snippets for the tasks. Here are the instructions,


Notion image


Following google sheet contains address.
I want to extract the state name in full form and append a new column.



Following Google sheet contains name and descriptoin.
I want to know the times cat and dog appear together in any order in a single cell. The cell is fine to have other data, still count it.

Text template


Following 3 cells selected in google sheets with a full name (first name needs to be pulled out), description of their challenge (needs to be turned into their desired outcome) and date and time of the call (just time needs to be pulled out)
Output format:
Hi {NAME}, Kamban from Elephas here again. Looking forward to speaking with you today at {CALL TIME} about how you can {DESIRED OUTCOME}. Can you please reply with a Y so I know you're still able to make it?



Following contains rows from a google sheet. Update the valid column with “yes” if the email contains a ‘@‘ else use “no”

Remove duplicates


From the following Google Sheet cells, remove duplicate rows but with the empty Type column. I.e, preserve the row which has a type column value.


These are only a few use cases; you can do a lot more interesting things, such as filling text for empty rows.

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