8.5x version

8.5x release notes

Here are major updates for 8.5 release (in beta now),

  • You can now pick a single file from your brain and chat with it. You can adjust this even during the ongoing chat session.
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  • You can save your prompts and use it.
      1. You can then use it from the Prompt library.
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  • You can edit system message to change chat style, making individual chat behave in a specific manner. You can learn more.
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  • You can choose your writing style (i.e tone) and use it.
Note: I found GPT-4 perform better
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  • Super Brain iOS related changes
  • Supports formatted response
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  • Copy icon over the response
  • Adjust font size on Super Chat
  • Longer context window1. GPT 3.5 Turbo 16k model now can include a longer context window, close to 55% of the total 16k tokens. Meaning, it can now easily comprehend longer content.
  • Auto update manager: Elephas will remind you and install new updates with minimal overhead.
  • Chat UI update
  • Fix grammar and rewrite improvements
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