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Super brain - Introduction

7.x version introduces a new called “Super Brain”. Super brain let’s you bring your own data from different data sources. Some of the data sources are,

  • PDF
  • DocX
  • Web pages
  • Notion
  • Obsidian
  • Roam
  • Selected text from any app
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Video demo

How does it work?

Super Brain is highly optimized for cost savings. One of our users uploaded a 1,700-page PDF document, and it cost him 40 cents to do so.

Elephas indexes the uploaded file locally while using OpenAI to generate embeddings. This is done only once, when you upload the files.

From then on, the local data is referred to using a suitable algorithm and used in conjunction with OpenAI whenever you use the brain.

Snippets work with all popular languages.

Use cases

You can use it to,

  • Reply to your emails
  • Reply to you social media posts
  • Write documents and social media posts
  • Chat with your data

How to use it?

Super brain is used in 3 places,

1. Snippets

You can set up snippets that use super brain created.

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2. Smart Reply

When you want to reply to email or social media posts using the “Smart Reply” feature, you can now choose the brain to use.

3. Super Chat

Super Chat now lets you pick a brain and chat with your data.

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How many brains I can create?

You can create as many brains you want. The cost will not be impacted if you put all documents in a single brain or maintain multiple brains. As Elephas relies heavily on local computation.

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