Adding custom preset

Custom Presets with Elephas

Writing can be a tedious task, especially when you have to write the same type of content over and over again. To help you with that, I introduced presets.

You can now add custom presets, which are kind of text expanders with AI power. These custom presets work with the Smart Write feature; however, the challenge with the Smart Write is that you need to feed in the right instructions, which custom presets take care of.

There are 4 fields,

  • Title
  • Instruction
  • Format

Here is a video demo,


One more sample one for cold email. Say, we want to write a simple cold email,

You can do it by clicking Presets -> Add or Manage, which opens up a window where you can add new.

Once you add them, you can trigger them from the Spotlight search. So you can use it to write content in all your favorite editors.


How can you use Presets?

  • Technical documents
  • Blogs in a specific format
  • Student report
  • Email series
  • Research projects
  • Reports

and more


1. Cold email


Cold email


Write an AIDA for the product below.

Product Name: NAME Product Description: YOUR_DESCRIPTION





As you can see, the instruction has a definite start. "NAME" and "YOUR_DESCRIPTION" are placeholders that you will replace when you finally run this. By using placeholders, you can use this template for different emails, not just one.

In this case, Format is not needed.

[More to come]

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